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Submit Comedy + Creative work for inclusion
into my new book.

am writing a book about how Comedy and Creative work, such as design, video, and advertising, share elements to engage the audience and elicit the desired results. I would love to include your work for no charge, and no payment, haha. If chosen, I will happily send you a free book with your work inside. I will include your work and then summarize the elements, explaining how the fit into my proposed models.


If you are a comedian I would love to chat with you as well about your process and thoughts. 

Submission Form for "Comedic Models for Creative Thinkers."
What time works for you?

Release of Rights and Permission for inclusion:

I, hereby grant Michael Berger (referred to as "Publisher") the non-exclusive right to publish my submitted work in the book titled "Comedic Models for Creative Thinkers" and any associated promotional materials without any compensation, financial or otherwise. I understand that if my work is selected for inclusion in the book, I will receive recognition and credit as the creator of the work.

I guarantee that I have the right to submit this work into the book and that I have obtained all necessary permissions from any individuals or parties involved in the creation of the work. I understand that the Publisher may contact me for additional information, production files, or clarification regarding my submission.

I acknowledge that the Publisher shall not be liable for any copyright infringement or other legal issues that may arise from the inclusion of my work in the book. I understand that it is my responsibility to ensure the validity of my submission.

By submitting my work, I agree to the terms stated above and confirm that I have read and understood the release of rights and permission.

If the submission includes any photographs or visual content, please read and sign the following additional release:

I, hereby grant Michael Berger and the Publisher the irrevocable right and permission to use, reproduce, publish, distribute, and display any photographs or visual content included in my submission for the book "Comedic Models for Creative Thinkers" and any associated promotional materials. I confirm that I have obtained any necessary model releases or permissions for individuals depicted in the photographs.


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Thank You!

Get in touch so we can start working together.

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